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Basic Knowledge

Installation and Use Manual of EMI Filter

Our product standards are developed according to IEC60939-2《passive filter units for which safety tests are appropriate-tests methods and general requirements 》and UL1283《Electromagnetic interference filters》.
Power filter is passive low-pass filter with filtering range between 10KHz and 30MHz. It can not only efficiently suppress the electromagnetic interference along power lines , but also greatly reduce the radiated interference of electronic equipment.
Ⅰ. Product Inspection
1. Visual inspection
The appearance should be bright, no damage, with clear label and well terminal welding.
2. Endurance Test
Put the filters into low temperature cabinet (-25℃) and high temperature cabinet (+85℃) respectively, and apply the rated voltage and load, after working for 700 hours, conduct dielectric strength test, insulation resistance test, leakage current test and insertin loss test, the test results should meet the enterprise standard.
3. Insertion loss test, dielectric strength test, leakage current test and insulation resistance test are conducted using the related instruments and according to the standard operating procedure.

Ⅱ. Product Identification
For rated voltage, rated current, working frequency and working temperature, please refer to label on the product.
Ⅲ. Product Packing
The packing of our company includes the following contents:
3.Trademark protection film
4.Product list
5.User Manual of EMI filter
Ⅳ. Product Transportation
1. Please do not take the filter output terminals as the support points when carry the filter to avoid distortion, loose or broken down of the terminals,? in which case the normal operation of the filter will be affected.
2. Please use two wrenches to tighten the nut if the output terminal is bolt to avoid changes of the internal circuit caused by bolt rotation, and finally resulting in filter sparking, short circuit, breaking down or down effect.
Ⅴ. Produt Storage
The power line filter should be kept indoor with the temperature between -45℃ and +85℃ without corrosive liquid and gas.
Ⅵ. Product Installation Notes
1. The way of grounding        

Dephir Elctronics
The wrong grounding way
Dephir Elctronics
The right grounding way


In order to reduce the ground impedence, filters should be installed on the conductive metal surface or close to the ground point via earth braid to avoid high ground impedence caused by long ground wire.
2. Installation location

Dephir Elctronics
The wrong installation location
Dephir Elctronics
The right installation location


As shown above the installation location should be chosen at the power input to shorten the input line inside the cabinet, so as to reduce the radiated interference.
3.Connecting of input/output line

Dephir Elctronics

The wrong wiring diagram of the input and output lines of filter Dephir Elctronics
The right wiring diagram of the input and output lines of filter

In order to avoid mutual coupling of the input/output line, they should be seperated from each other, especially parallel or intersect of the input and output line is prohibited. If this requirement cannot be met due to limited space, the input/output line of power filter should be shielded or use high-frequency absorption line.


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